Suami Terpaksa DiKejarkan Ke Hospital Akibat Isteri Sapu Balm !!

SELALU kita dengar suami yang pukul isteri kalau kemahuannya di ranjang tidak dipenuhi. Kali ini, si isteri pula yang bertindak demikian.
Seorang lelaki terpaksa dikejarkan ke hospital apabila kemaluannya disapu dengan Balm oleh isterinya. Kejadian dilaporkan berlaku di Medan, Indonesia.
Lelaki yang dikenali sebagai Daud itu menyatakan isterinya yang tidak pernah puas di ranjang menyebabkan dirinya diperlakukan sebegitu.
Pasangan yang baru berkahwin selama setahun ini mengalami masalah apabila Daud disahkan mati pucuk. Hal ini menyebabkan isterinya itu kecewa.
Akibat berang, si isteri telah menyapukan Balm pada bahagian sulit suaminya ketika Daud sedang tidur. Itu sebagai untuk membalas dendam kerana kepuasannya tidak dipenuhi.
Menurut lelaki berusia 35 tahun ini, dia sudah berusaha untuk menyembuhkan penyakit yang dialaminya sejak lima bulan lalu tetapi menemui jalan buntu.
Si isteri pula mahu mengugut cerai kerana kepuasannya tidak dipenuhi. Lebih mengejutkan lagi dia sanggup menyapu Balm pada kemaluan suaminya apabila keluhan dan ugutan cerai itu tidak dilayan.
Bukan itu sahaja, khabarnya si isteri ada memukul mangsa dengan batang penyapu dan menyebabkan kepala Daud cedera.
Walau bagaimanapun, suspek sudah ditahan reman oleh pihak polis Medan Tembung. Menurut suspek, perkahwinan mereka dirancang oleh kedua-dua orang tuanya.
“Saya minta cerai tapi suami tak mahu, sayang katanya.. buat apa sayang kalau tak pandai puaskan isteri.
Saya ada niat mencari skandal, tapi saya tak sampai hati menipu suami,” katanya.
Pelik-pelik orang zaman sekarang ni. Bukan ke lagi bagus kalau hal rumah tangga dapat diselesaikan dengan baik. – MYNEWSHUB.CC

Teaching You How to Win With Forex Trading

Teaching You How to Win With Forex Trading

Description: this newsletter offers with forex trading and some key principles that traders need to understand so as to come out on top. It discusses the want for an open mind, the imperative nature of 1 way buying and selling, and the importance of breaking down your personal information.

If you have been sitting round studying the news and you're thinking the way to win with forex trading, then it is time to take notice. The foreign exchange market gives plenty of possibilities, and it is a place where human beings are making big time money. The problem, of path, is this kind of trading has a ton of associated chance. not like with a number of the traditional funding methods, you can really lose cash with forex trading. however if you follow a number of these pointers, you will be on the proper track for achievement. it's a raffle, however for those with a high risk tolerance, it is one really worth taking.

Maintaining an open thoughts with your trading strategies
There were reviews on the way to win with forex buying and selling and that they say that 90% of people worried in forex will fail at some point or some other. that would seem like a daunting statistic and it would scare you away, however it shouldn't. What it need to inform you is which you are a lot higher off in case you are capable of have a look at your own buying and selling methods and see issues earlier than they get up. it is constantly clever to do a little self evaluation and maintain and eye on simply what your techniques are. this could give you the capability to enhance and to make money over the lengthy haul with new, ingenious techniques.

Sticking to some thing easy

Many traders like to start looking at too many crosses, and this isn't how to win with foreign exchange buying and selling. as an alternative, you need to keep it quite simple and go with most effective the signs which can be accessible. for instance, possibly you spot that EURUSD is looking desirable. in preference to simply shopping for EURUSD, buyers will try and get too adorable and go together with GBPUSD, as it hasn't moved yet. although this could workout for you from time to time, it's miles actually simply including greater hazard to some thing this is already volatile. stick to one cross and let it play out, so that you do not open to the doorways to potential catastrophe.

Deciphering the information for your self

One of the most important mistakes that investors make is in letting media portrayals and 1/3 party statistics effect their buying and selling strategy. This isn't a way to win with foreign exchange buying and selling. if you actually need to get beforehand, then you want to start breaking down the news for yourself. whilst a chunk of news comes along, don't wait for someone to inform you what it manner. as an alternative, begin studying and getting to know about it for your self. This manner, you may no longer have each person accountable if something does manifest to go incorrect. you can realize which you put the time and research into understanding approximately it, and it is your alternate by myself.